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    Hi lads,

    I mentioned in our WhatsApp group I wanted to have a chat about staking etc so here we go.

    I’ll quickly give you my story – I’ve flirted with rugby betting over the last few years but without really doing it properly, but like most of us, I reckon I have got a good feel for the game and how it works. I deposited £1K into my Skrill account on the 1st January and decided to have a really good go at betting properly for the second half of last season with the idea that if it worked I would continue doing it properly and if I lost the money I wasn’t good enough to make it pay long term and I was better off knowing it so I could leave it all alone.

    Anyway, fast-forward to now, I have withdrawn the original £1K (plus a few hundred quid extra) and have got a nice round sum of £4k of the bookies money in my Skrill account ready to start this season with.

    Obviously I am delighted with how the last 7 months have gone, BUT I am conscious that I probably overstaked on occasion and want to  get some thoughts and reflections from how you all manage your money.

    I basically kept it reasonably simple last time around – 5% of the bank as the basic stake for each bet (£50) and gradually increased as time went on, staying as close to 5% as possible. I am going to keep proper records this season as well, as I don’t have accurate ones for the last 7 months, but I mainly bet in doubles/trebles. I did start off just doing singles but found I often hit 4/5/6 winners in a row and the extra profit that doubles/trebles etc bring when I hit runs like that is in my mind worth the added risk. I will do some analysis in January to see how my actual profit compares to what it would have been had I just done each bet in a win single.

    My plan for this season is to reduce the staking % by half, down to 2.5% of the bank (£100 bets) to help protect the bank long-term, and to be fair I think psychologically a bet of that size produces a minimum£70 profit from a single, which makes me more likely to choose singles if I can’t find a double/treble rather than searching for a bet I don’t fancy hugely just to make the return bigger.

    I’m under no illusions that things will be trickier, and I unlikely to increase my bank by 5x again, but even if I doubled it over the season that puts me in a great position moving forwards.

    Getting big bets on is much harder now. I used to do what I call manual doubles/trebles i.e. roll bets onto one another e.g. £50 to £90, £90 to £162, £162 to £291 etc BUT I struggle to get bets of more than £100 on in the same place now. I have lost my Bet365 acct, I’m limited to £100 at Betfair, about £40 Coral and Will Hill and about £70 at Ladbrokes. My Paddy Power acct is limited but they still let me have a couple of hundred on. I am going to try and spread things out, so £50 doubles in a couple of places etc.

    Anyway I’ve rambled quite a lot there – I’m just after people’s thoughts really – how much of your bank do you place on each selection, how do you manage your bank etc?



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    Just over £300 profit this weekend.

    Had a nice £500 to £1800 4 timer on Friday night for £1300 profit.

    Lost £500 on a Mitre cup treble on Sat am going 2/3.

    Then a £700 to £1700 4 timer on Sat afternoon was successful for £1k profit.

    £1k to £5k 6 timer went 5/6 yesterday evening – just needed 7 more points in Blues vs Leinster game. I did get enough on the unders to get my stake back so that was effectively a free bet to win £4500.

    £1k treble on Arg vs NZ and the two Mitre cup games went 2/3 when Argies 1st half handicap let me down.

    £500 on a 4 timer today was my first really poor effort for a good few weeks, only landing 1/4.

    I’ve withdrawn the £300 odd left from this week’s profit so bank remains at £10k for next week.



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    Forgot to update this last weekend.

    Last weekend was tough, lost a couple of grand overall. Withdrew £4k to pay for a holiday next summer and xmas money etc for this year.


    Much better this weekend. Went back to basics and just hit the right numbers to produce an evens multiple overall – much safer – just need to be more patient. You lose sight of how much money is at stake I think when they are just numbers on a screen, hence the decision to withdraw a decent chunk of my winnings. Last weekend I was getting cocky, trying to hit multiples at 3/1 and 4/1 etc.

    Up just over £2.5k, would have been closer to £5k if Bath had covered -4.5pts last night. I did lay that one off but I was +£1.5k if Pau covered +4.5pts and +£4k if Bath covered -4.5pts.

    No luck today – went 3/4 on two different multi’s because Beziers let me down…
    Bank now sitting at just over £6.5K.

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    Exact break-even result this weekend which I’m happy with, as I am away on hols so not able to put in as much study as usual . I’m happy my judgement is still good, all losing bets were losers by very small margins . I was on Worcester to win outright when Brive on the plus handicap for the same price would have been better.

    Had a big multiple that lost on Taranaki +7 on a very late try but Tasman on the big plus again would have been better at the prices .


    Today I had a couple of multiples that would have returned over £2k but both had Wasps to win as a banker in them . Losing those was fair enough really as that is the only match I called badly wrong – I thought Wasps would win easily.


    Had a nice in play win with overs at ht in the Leicester game to get me back to all square for the weekend .





    Good work wazza!

    It is some year that you have had. I have done 4 Wazzas this weekend, winning 3 of them. I think I am going to have a period where I purely do 1 or 2 Wazzas per week (at evens ish) and dont place any other bets. I have a busy time with work so need to take it easy. I will start putting up my selections each week.

    I feel rugby is more predictable than any other sport and you can usually get a good feel for bets that will cover once you hit the 1.2/1.3 odds. I think I will look at caps/points I like and then hear north/south on the cap/totals.



    Cheers Prop. It’s been a good few weeks that is for sure. I do have to rein myself in every now and again when I get too ambitious . In lots of ways I like a weekend like this every now and again as it stops me thinking it is too easy etc.

    Keep me posted on how your multiples go.



    Really good weekend – up over £3.5k in total.

    Things started not great on Friday with Edinburgh letting me down for just under £2k…

    Saturday afternoon was much better with Worcester (26.5) (Win), Dragons (28.5) (Win), Over (34.5) (Win), Saracens (-2.5) (Win), Tasman (17.5) (Win), although the Dragons gave me a few scares…

    Saturday night was good also with Connacht (14.5) (Win), La Rochelle (21.5) (Win), Bayonne (21.5) (Win), Stade Francais (-0.5) (Win), Unders in Toulon (69.5) (Win), although again Connacht left it very late.

    Today I rolled those two over into the following which returned a £1700 profit: Castres (-0.5) (Win), Colomiers (-6.5) (Win), Clermont Auvergne (14.5) (Win), Bath (12.5) (Win), Wasps (-9.5) (Win) which was the best bet of the weekend imo as they all landed fairly comfortably in the end.

    A couple of Leg inspired NFL bets added to the pot as well as a ridiculously lucky hedge bet which also landed to return £1k.

    Bank is now back at £10K.

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    I haven’t updated this for a couple of weeks. I’ve had a very nice couple of weeks – this weekend was only a small profit but last weekend was superb – over £2.5k up.

    Interestingly I haven’t landed a big ‘Wazza’ (c) for a few weeks – I’ve had most of my success from doubles and trebles @ 1.91.

    I have been very close to a big payday the last two weekends with Wazza’s (c) at around 1.5. A £250 7 fold to win £4k went down on a couple of legs (Glos & Cardiff). A similar effort last weekend to win £5k lost on one leg (Italy):

    I’m certain I can land one of these soon… 🙂
    I’m genuinely worried about my PP account as well – since 1st January 2016 I’ve withdrawn £10,705.12 and I’ve still got £2000 in the account. I’m limited to betting on caps and totals with them but they are still happy for me bet decent amounts on those two markets.
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