2016 Carrot Awards

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    Lads now is the time to name your personnal Carrot Awards for 2016.

    Meaning the team or the bet that cost you dear…

    My nominees are:

    -Edinburgh for losing at home to Zebres in October

    -Gloucester for allowing Bristol to score 2 tries in the dying minutes thus ruining the cap in December.

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    Big Rob


    That Bristol game cost me big money aswell.

    I will nominate Toulose at home to Stade .

    Stade got a red card in the first half and the Toulouse cap looked a dead cert ,in the end Toulouse didn’t score again from the 60th min and Stade got a converted try in the 81st min to fuck the Toulouse cap .


    Toulose only won by 5 in the end and its the only away point Stade have got this season .



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    Broken BOD

    Pour moi cest Paye De Galles dans le Automne internationals. Je suis alle dans le mauvais sens avec tous les handicaps.

    Totalement imprevisible!!


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    So many potential ones but I’m going to go with…

    Glasgow and Finn the Fraud at outhalf for not scoring in the last 35 minutes against a completely disinterested Racing team. What made it worse was the way he was lauded as a genius by the media after the game when his fuck acting cost them the bonus

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    [attachment file=”Screenshot_20161229-105222.png”]

    I’ll nominate fucking ITALY, who fresh from beating South Africa failed to beat Tonga at home, costing me a £5k+ payout…

    1. Screenshot_20161229-105222.png

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    I nominate Ulster for being Ulster. It doesn’t matter if I bet for or against them, or even on a total, they always find a way to fuck up my bets. I almost respect them for it.

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    Henry Gondorff



    What a set of cunts.


    Fucked me on two whopper races to 40 that were in the bag. Russell has his moments but fuck me i cant stand him, and the stupid laugh of his whenever he fucks up – missing touches and kicks being the main one.

    Founder member, I knew she was a bloke.

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